Artworks are like rivers – you can never step in the same one twice.

Art is both vibrant and volatile – sticky with meaning, we can do little to control how it acts in the world. Each of these projects exists in symbiosis with its host system. The ideas, events and objects in my practice form a web that warps and changes around the work. As this context changes, so does our perception. As the systems change, so does the work.

Academic conventions such as citations, library cataloguing and scientific classification are the systems that give rise to my work. Among my materials are sites, protocols, variables and anomalies. The projects are nodes of tangled relationships. With links to history, systems, myself and each other, my works are a process of bundling together objects and ideas – the process of making both connections and meaning.


Past Statements

2014 - Hatched

2013 - Uncharted Territory