Guernica and the Impossibility of Objects for fine print, issue #5, December 2015 [PDF]


Catalogue Essays

Shipshaped, for Submerge by Edwina Cooper - September 2017 at ACE Across, Adelaide. [PDF]

Receding Form and Waning Light, for Trace by Jessie Green (with Kristen Coleman and Janis Clarke) - October 2016 at Floating Goose Studios Inc., Adelaide. [PDF]

A Taxonomy of Wrecks for Where Two Oceans Meet: Selected Histories of Flinders Bay by Sophie Durand - August 2016 at Seventh Gallery, Melbourne. [PDF]

I Walked around for Months Talking to You, Even Though I Was Alone for You Can See Me but I Can't See You by Kristen Coleman - July 2016 at FELTdark, Adelaide. [PDF]

All of the Sky, One Breath at a Time for Threshold by Sophie Green - July 2015 at FELTspace, Adelaide. [PDF]

After Alexandria for After Alexandria by Ash Tower - February 2015 at CACSA Project Space, Adelaide. [PDF]

Of the Horizon's Adversaries for 8-bit Panopticon by Alex Bishop-Thorpe - January 2015 at Constance ARI, Hobart.

F U T I L I T O P I A  for  F U T I L I T O P I A  by James Holdsworth - August 2014 at the Howling Owl, Adelaide.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Ash Tower and Ingrid Hoofd. "Academic Time." In Gender: Time, edited by Karin Sellberg. Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks. Farmington Hills: Macmillan Reference USA.

Ash Tower and Sasha Grbich. "Lent and Borrowed: Risk and Distributed Authorship in Tertiary Studio Research." In ACUADS 2016: Adaptation. QUT Creative Industries Faculty, Brisbane: Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools, 2016.